HP OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM)
Tools and Tips

Helpful HP OpenView related Links:

Handy Scripts for use as actions in HP OpenView NNM:

Automatic action scripts:

  • DOS (bat) script to do maintenance/cleanup of OpenView NNM database
  • DOS (bat) script used to send an alarm when a water sensor (attached to an APC UPS Smartcard) is triggered:
  • Perl scripts which looks up responsible support group based on IP network or hostname, sends notifications, and also automatically handles failover mode. TelAlert is invoked to send alarms, and parameters specified to automatically filter duplicate alarms:
    • DOS (.bat) versions:
      • alarm-sta.bat (bat file used for events where station a is primary)
      • alarm.stb.bat (bat file used for events where station b is primary)

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