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3k Associates' Demo Request Form

We'd be happy to send you a demo, entirely free of charge. If you're not ready for a demo quite yet, but would like some information about our products/services, fill out the form below anyway, and select "Send me information...". Information provided on this form is used only according to our privacy policy.

NOTE: Before any demo is sent out, you will be contacted to confirm the model (and possibly) HPSUSAN of your Hewlett-Packard HP3000 series mini-computer. All of our software products REQUIRE an HP3000 series computer running the MPE operating system.

Demos include tape and full manuals.
Installation is quick and painless.
Just fill out the form below, and select: "Send Form".

Please provide the following:

  • (Company/Organization name)
  • (First name) (Middle Initial)
  • (Last name)
  • (Street address)
  • (City)
  • (State) (Zip/Postal Code)
  • (Country)
  • (Model of your Hewlett-Packard HPe3000 series computer)
  • (HPSUSAN # - type :SHOWVAR HPSUSAN at the MPE prompt if you don't know it)
    **HPSUSAN Must be valid or software will not function.
  • (Phone - Voice)
  • (Phone - Fax)
  • (E-mail address)

I would like a demo of:

  • NetMail/3000 Electronic Mail System for HP3000s
  • DeskLink, the HPDesk SMTP/MIME Gateway (if you already have HPDesk)
  • API/3000 - send/receive e-mail messages from your own applications
  • Send me information on 3k Associates' products/services
  • 3k Associates will call me with more information
  • Media type:

Please let us know what area of the world you're from:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Pacific Rim and Asia
  • (Other)
Do you already have Hewlett-Packard's "HPDesk" electronic mail system?:  Yes

I have users on our HPe3000(s).

Add any comments, suggestions, or questions below:

  Sorry, but at this time we cannot ship software to Russia or other former soviet states.

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