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3k Associates' Consulting Services

We can help you...

Whether you're implementing a simple e-mail gateway or linking enterprise wide electronic mail systems; hooking up a remote office or hooking up to the Internet; 3k Associates consulting services can help you get the job done.

3k Associates personnel have been working with HP3000 systems for over 25 years and have assisted dozens of sites in connecting to the Internet and dozens more in local or private WAN connections. 3k Associates manages its own HP3000 systems on a local area network with an Internet connection and has published papers on HP3000 connectivity and networking. 3k Associates also probably holds the worlds record for most Internet services active on an HP3000! We run SMTP, POP2, POP3, telnet, FTP, tftp, inetd, finger, Samba, http (WWW), quote of the day, daytime, Gopher, bootp, and several others!

Services include:

  • Hosting WWW pages or servers at our facility
  • Implementing a World-Wide-Web Server on an HP3000
    • Installing and configuring the software on your HP3000
    • Choosing and installing WWW clients
    • Developing customized application-links between your WWW server and local applications
    • Design and implementation of HTML (WWW) pages (documents)
      • Design HTML documents to your specifications
      • Take your documents and convert them to HTML
      • Design interactive HTML forms for data entry or retrieval
    • Getting your WWW Server "announced" to the public
  • Configuring e-mail gateways for HP3000s
  • Planning and configuring Internet connections for HP3000 shops
    • Choosing an Internet Access Provider
    • Choosing the necessary hardware
    • Choosing the necessary software
    • Helping you choose and implement the appropriate security precautions
    • Configuring your HP3000 systems for (appropriate) Internet access
  • Other networking related tasks with HP3000 computer systems
  • Timeshare access to HP3000 system(s) for development/testing

Service options include:

  • On-site services
  • Remote (dial-in or phone assistance)

For more information, contact 3k Associates at +1 646-820-7619 or e-mail to sales@3kassociates.com.