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3k Associates develops and markets a line of standards-based electronic communication packages for HP3000/HPe3000 (Classic and MPE/iX) systems.

To download full product demos or PCL/Postscript versions of our manuals ON-LINE, select here If you'd like to have us mail you a free demo package and/or more information, click here.

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The flagship of our product line is NetMail/3000, THE standards based electronic mail system for HP3000 computers. Based on the Internet's SMTP protocol, NetMail/3000 allows an HP3000 (with no special hardware) to exchange electronic information with any Internet-compatible (SMTP) mail system. Whether you have a T1 dedicated Internet connection, a dial-on-demand modem link, or no network at all, NetMail/3000 can be your organization's mail hub. From Unix systems, to mainframes, to PC LAN systems; NetMail/3000 unites them all, and makes your organization more efficient.
NetMail/3000 also conforms to the revolutionary MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) protocol; a standard that allows MIME compatible mail systems to easily and seamlessly exchange documents or files of any type. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, graphics, video, even executables can all be attached to messages and automatically extracted upon receipt (if you're using NetMail/3000 and Reflection for Windows by WRQ to read your e-mail, you can even have NetMail/3000 automatically launch the appropriate application on your PC with your file loaded).
Check out our advanced features; create custom scripts for mailboxes to run your own applications automatically upon receipt of a message, let users create their own message-filtering "rules" to scan messages for keywords and automatically file, forward, or otherwise process mail (great for information-robots or mail auto-responses!). Use the built-in list-server to set up mailing lists which remote users can subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) via e-mail messages. Use Eudora or any other POP client to access your e-mail across the network - get PC-LAN e-mail functionality and ease-of-use without the cost or PC-post office headaches.
For more information on NetMail/3000 select here, or to try it for yourself, go here to download a fully functional (time limited) demo of NetMail/3000 and/or the manuals.

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From the people that bring standards-based solutions to the HP3000, a programmatic interface so that your applications can send (SMTP/MIME) e-mail, retrieve messages from mailboxes, and lookup mail directory information. Naturally, the calls you use to do this are based on the industry standard called "CMC" - or Common Messaging Call standard - designed by the XAPI group. This means:

The API can be called by most HP3000-based programming languages, and sample code in 'C' and 'COBOL' is included to help get you started. Click here to see sample code that uses the API!

The API is included with all NetMail/3000 demos, so pick up a NetMail/3000 demo on-line, or give us a call (or e-mail) and we'll be happy to send you a demo package.

Attention software developers!!! Contact us about our VERY attractive OEM options. Mail enable your software packages - send warnings, reports, EDI transactions - even program updates via e-mail; easily and affordably!

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HP OpenDesk sites will be glad to know that we offer the premier SMTP (Internet compatible e-mail) gateway for HP OpenDesk that operates entirely on your HP3000 (no additional hardware or software needed). Our gateway, called DeskLink, lets OpenDesk sites communicate directly with the Internet (or any SMTP compatible e-mail systems), and naturally supports the MIME standard for transporting binary attachments or text containing 8-bit characters - you shouldn't consider an e-mail package today that doesn't!
DeskLink is a high-performance native mode SMTP/MIME gateway that even outperforms HP's OpenMail gateway (in some configurations). It works with any firewall (or no firewall) and even includes "SPAM" prevention features to protect your organization. DeskLink integrates easily with cc:Mail, Microsoft Mail, or HP OpenDesk clients - with many specially engineered features to allow HPOpenDesk clients seamless communication with the outside world. For more information on our DeskLink product, select here.
To try it for yourself, go here to download a fully functional (time limited) demo of DeskLink and/or the manuals.

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We also provide the only POP server for HP3000 computer systems. Our POP server provides a standards based client-server solution for e-mail, where the HP3000 acts as a server and users can choose any POP2 or POP3 compatible client for their preferred PC/Mac/Workstation platform. Pick the #1 rated Eudora (from QualComm) mail client (Mac or Windows), Microsoft's Exchange or Outlook e-mail clients, or Netscape Navigator's built-in POP3 compliant mail client -or any other POP compliant mail package to process your e-mail - your users will never realize that their e-mail is coming from the 3000 - but you will! Higher availability, less support calls, less administration time!
Our POP server is included with our standalone e-mail system (NetMail/3000) but can also be ordered as a standalone solution, or as an option for users of our DeskLink HP OpenDesk gateway product.
For more information on our POP2 server, select here. To try it yourself (the POP Server comes bundled with NetMail/3000 and comes in the same demo) go here to download a fully functional (time limited) demo of Pop Server and/or the manuals. (Select the NetMail/3000 demo)