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CMC API/3000


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From the people that bring standards-based solutions to the HP3000, a programmatic interface so that your applications can send (SMTP/MIME) e-mail, retrieve messages from mailboxes, and lookup mail directory information. Naturally, the calls you use to do this are based on the industry standard called "CMC" - or Common Messaging Call standard - designed by the XAPI group. This means:
  • Your programmers can learn the CMC standard calls and use them on your 3000s as well as other platforms (like Unix systems)
    • The MAPI standard used by Windows applications was roughly based on CMC and calls are thus similar, though CMC was designed to be portable to more platforms
  • You can write mail-enabled applications that could be easily ported to other platforms
  • E-mailing a message (file or array) can be as simple as a single procedure call

The API can be called by most HP3000-based programming languages, and sample code in 'C' and 'COBOL' is included to help get you started. Click here to see sample code that uses the API!


  • Simple efficient email interface for programs on the HP3000
  • Callable from most HP3000 languages (COBOL, C, SPLash!, others)
  • Standards based interface
  • Native mode HP3000 server for efficient email transport
  • MPE/iX Posix environment not required
  • Extremely cost effective means to e-mail enable legacy applications

The API is included with all NetMail/3000 demos, so pick up a NetMail/3000 demo on-line, or give us a call (or e-mail) and we'll be happy to send you a demo package.

Attention software developers!!! Contact us about our VERY attractive OEM options. Mail enable your software packages - send warnings, reports, EDI transactions - even program updates via e-mail; easily and affordably!