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Pop Email Server
POP2 and POP3 Compatible E-mail Server for HP3000s

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POP Server

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We provide the premier POP server for HP3000 computer systems. Our POP server provides a standards based client-server solution for e-mail, where the HP3000 acts as a server and users can choose any POP2 or POP3 compatible client for their preferred PC/Mac/Workstation platform. Whether you use Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, or any other POP compliant mail package to process your e-mail - your users will never realize that their e-mail is coming from the 3000 - but you will! Higher availability, less support calls, less administration time!

Our POP server is included with our standalone e-mail system (NetMail/3000) but can also be ordered as a standalone solution, or as an option for users of our DeskLink HP OpenDesk gateway product.


  • Leverage your HP3000 system as an email server for desktop users
  • Easy HP3000 style management and installation
  • Does not require MPE/iX Posix
  • Email data stored in HP3000 TurboImage database

For more information on our POP2 server, select here. To try it yourself (the POP Server comes bundled with NetMail/3000 and comes in the same demo) go here to download a fully functional (time limited) demo of Pop Server and/or the manuals. (Select the NetMail/3000 demo)